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16 April 2008 @ 02:05 pm
Fan Fiction: Giddy (1/1)  
Title: Giddy
Rating: G
Character (s): Ace, the Seventh Doctor
Summary: Three meanings of the word "giddy"
Disclaimer: Not mine!
Note: Written for a challenge from hearts_blood, using the word "giddy".


Everything was funny. Even the fact that she stood dripping water on the console room floor.

"You're very slightly giddy," said the Doctor when she asked him why that might be.

"Wait a moment," Ace said. "I know what giddy means. I'm hardly whirling about, now am I?"

The Doctor handed her a towel. "That's only one definition of the word giddy," he told her. "The Old English root of the word giddy is gidig, meaning possessed by a God or an evil spirit."

"Fenric wasn't a God," Ace muttered darkly. "Just thought he was. And I'm not possessed- not yet." She felt herself smiling like she couldn't stop as the realization of her freedom hit her anew. "Never will be, now."

"Which brings us to a third definition of the word giddy," said the Doctor.


His smile matched her own. "Joyfully elated."

Dripping wet, Ace hugged him. He didn't seem to mind.